BOK – Workplace Health Promotion – A salutogenic approach

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Den engelska översättningen av ’’Hälsopromotion i Arbetslivet’’

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by Anders Hanson (2007), Bloomington US: Authorhouse

Detta är en översättning av boken Hälsopromotion i Arbetslivet som kom ut 2004.

A strategy for the future of business
When company performance and economic sustainability depends on peoples participation, wellbeing and health. Read about how workplace health promotion contributes to this with a salutogenic approach.

”This book takes the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion one step further”

The idea of salutogenesis and Aaron Antonovsky´s theory of Sense of Coherence(SOC)* form importing starting points for this book.

1.   Working lifes new conditions
2.   Health Work – three strategies
3.   Explaining what health is
4.   Health Promotion – a long tradition
5.   From idea to theory
6.   The mystery of health and sense of coherence
7.   Health promotion and its fields of knowledge
8.   Health promotion in practice
9.   Focus on measures promoting health
10. The workplace as setting
11. Conditions governing participation
12. Process oriented work


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